August 10-13 – Los Angeles, California for Jillian Hessel, Risa Sheppard, and Cheryl Montelle. Thursday and early Friday Mary will offer a variety of private hour and a half sessions: Pilates Only – Psyche Only – Pilates Plus Psyche. Mary is not only Pilates’ most senior Pilates Elder (58 years living Pilates, 42 years teaching it) she is also a Jungian psychoanalyst, 47 years and ongoing. Since 1995 her two specialties combined in her approach to engage the whole person, the conscious and the unconscious in Pilates work which has become her signature contribution to the Pilates worldwide community: “PILATES PLUS PSYCHE.”

– Friday evening, August 11th at Jillian’s lovely home will be “An Evening with Mary Bowen and the History of Pilates.” Jillian’s phone: 310-246-0082.

– Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s workshops will be held at Risa Sheppard’s studio. 2180 Westwood Blvd. L.A., 90025. Phone: 310-470-2828.

– Saturday, the 12th Mary will offer a full day workshop on “Lifelong Pilates and the Body” teaching Mary’s 58 year evolution in Pilates practice (i.e. each participant’s journey to Breath – curtailing the mind’s grip on the body – finding and releasing the natural animal that each of us is – and daring to allow and foster your own creativity.

– Sunday, the 13th Mary will present “Pilates Plus Psyche.” It is more than just a body that comes in for a lesson. Both the client who comes in and the teacher who stands there are complicated persons. Mary will describe for you the enormous help and understanding that Jungian Typology can bring to both teacher and client in the teaching and learning of Pilates.