IN DEPTH Mentoring with Mary

Where are you in your life? Where are you in your Pilates?

“With 58 years of living Pilates, 42 years of teaching it and 58 years of living Jungian Analytical Psychology, 47 years as a practicing analyst, my best usefulness to each one of you as a Mentor is the depth into which we can explore together…as a teacher or student of Pilates or simply as yourself wherever you are in your life.”

“I mentor wherever I go, but my favorite site for Mentoring is my home/office/studio in Northampton, MA. – two full days...7 hours each day…14 hours in all…on you, yourself!” (For PMA members 14 cec credits are earned).

“If you are honest and vulnerable about your self-growth I am interested in working with you…on any problem…at any level…offering you a reboot for your life. We will take on everything you care to share about your conscious life, as well as your less known unconscious life, the root in you of where your new development grows from.”

The cost: $1200 for a 7 hour day, $2400 for the two day weekend

Throughout the year Mary tries to carve out one weekend a month for this intensive mentoring.

Mary is also available for regular Pilates lessons or Pilates Plus Psyche sessions for l hour, 2,3, or 4 hours or one 6 hour day – hourly session rate - $150.00

169 Prospect Street, Northampton, Massachusetts
118 Route 81, Killingworth, Connecticut.

PSYCHE ONLY Sessions are available also at the two above locations as well as in NYC at 145 West 79th Street, Apt. 9D, NY,NY by appointment scheduled ahead.



Mary enjoys lecturing and entertaining as an historian of Pilates (58 years living Pilates - 6 of them studying with Joe and Clara themselves)! She presents a 3 CEC course calling it “AN EVENING WITH MARY BOWEN AND THE HISTORY OF PILATES.”

(This course is usually offered on an evening when Mary travels to give a 3-5 days of privates and workshop in the U.S. or abroad. It is usually preceded by light refreshments.)